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Getting members to your community is not always easy. The more exposure you can give to your community, the better...........

Yuku Crew Blog

15e36a686f515db4215e50e318990ef734ecbfa6 Hello Yuku admins,

We would like to give you a hand promoting your forum, and we'll be happy to feature it on our facebook pages.

The facebook pages are located here:

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Yuku Supporter Promotion

Hello friends,

We have launched a Yuku Supporter promotion. If you have never purchased supporter in the past, you can now purchase your first 3 months of supporter for just 99 cents.

Sign up to be a Yuku supporter and you'll be able to take advantage of:
  • Ad-Free Experience: no ads anywhere on Yuku
  • Extra Image Hosting: increase your image hosting from 30MB to 100MB
  • Two extra profiles: great for RPG!
  • 5 extra signatures.
  • Determine how many topics and replies you will see per page.
  • Use the "don't show me on line" feature (where groups allow it)

More information can be found here: http://www.yuku.com/home/supporterstory/

How to purchase supporter: ..............  READ MORE

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